We’re Back! Summer 2022 Dominican Republic Trip!

It’s with the utmost enthusiasm that Global Baseball Adventures announces it’s first trip back to the Dominican Republic since the summer of 2019! After spending more than a year creating a detailed health & safety plan, GBA is confident in bringing high school athletes back to the Dominican Republic for a life changing week of baseball, community service and cultural immersion!

At the core of every Global Baseball Adventures trip lies our “Play, Live & Give” motto and the 2022 trip is no different! Read below to discover how GBA is going to utilize this motto to guide the 2022 trip as well as ensure that all attendees reap the benefits of this life changing experience while adhering to the highest level of safety standards.


Isaias Franco, founder of Global Baseball Adventures, has stayed in close contact with all partner teams across the Dominican Republic and to say that they’re excited to play against this summer’s team of American high school ball players is an understatement!

Isaias has secured games across the island nation with top level teams and is visiting with each team at the start of the new year in order to play the ground work for games filled with fun, action and Caribbean flair! What excites Isaias most is the fact that several of the June 2022 games will take place on sandlot fields where it will be the first time an American team has ever set foot on these diamonds!

In addition to the sandlot games mentioned above, the June 2022 trip also marks the return to Juan Marichal Stadium located in the capitol of Santo Domingo! Juan Marichal Stadium is the home to the Licey Tigers of the Dominican Republic Winter League, the top professional team in the history of the DR! Juan Marichal Stadium is home to current MLB super stars Juan Soto and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as well as MLB legends Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz and more!


Time and time again, our trip attendees state that their most special memories from their trip revolve around the relationships and bonds made with their Dominican coaches/teammates who they spend the week rooming with, playing ball with, traveling with, practicing their Spanish with and so much more. Although our American ball players may live thousands of miles away and their daily lives may look different than their Dominican counterparts, by the end of the trip those differences fall by the wayside as both US & DR players create life long relationships via the exchange of smiles, laughter, teamwork and the love of baseball.

In planning for a safe return to the Dominican Republic, Isaias Franco has developed an in-depth safety plan. The safety plan includes all current CDC recommendations, the hiring of staff members who’s sole responsibility is to oversee disinfectant practices and much more. In addition to the safety plan, both US & DR trip participants (all coaches, players, staff members) will be fully vaccinated prior to the start of the trip in order to ensure the highest level of safety for all involved.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Dominican Republic government has set strict guidelines in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. Initially, the DR set a nationwide curfew to limit mobility outside of emergency transportation. Fortunately, due to a swift government response, the DR is one of only 18 countries worldwide to be at or below the CDC’s Level 2 Risk Assessment tier. The CDC’s safety tier system is composed of 4 levels with level 4 being composed of the countries with the highest risk to travel to. In order to promote vaccination and the highest safety standards for all citizens and tourists, the DR Ministry of Public Health announced on October 18, 2021 that all people have to present their vaccination cards to enter restaurants, stores, sports/entertainment centers, workplaces, schools & places of public use.

With an in-depth Covid plan in place, the CDC’s assessment of risk and the Dominican Republics safety nationwide safety standards, Global Baseball Adventures is confident that the summer 2022 trip will be one to remember for both the memories created and all of the additional steps taken to ensure the safety of our trip participants!


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As is the case with all trips, our goal at Global Baseball Adventures is to use baseball as a vehicle to create change, bridge cultural gaps and inspire amateur ballplayers to become leaders who will make a positive difference in the world and this summer will be no different! Since this will be our first trip since June 2019, Isaias Franco is heading to the Dominican Republic in January 2022 to meet with local officials and community members in order to see what types of resources are needed to support our partners after the challenges they’ve faced navigating the pandemic over the past 18 months. In past years, our American ballplayers have not only made a difference in the lives of our Dominican friends through projects that centered on rebuilding homes, donating school supplies and providing impoverished communities with food necessities but just as important is the fact that upon returning home, our American ballplayers return stateside with a new outlook on life. This new outlook on life can be seen in the ways that our American ballplayers view life through a lens of gratitude for the opportunities provided to them at home and a desire to live a life of service. Stay tuned for more updates on the community service aspect of the June 2022 trip!

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