Global Baseball Adventures set up a life-changing trip that not only affected my view of baseball, but of life in general.

Isaias planned an amazing baseball adventure for my high school team. He connected us with major league players from the Dominican Republic: they shared stories about how they got to the MLB and taught us a lot about baseball. We were able to play against local teams and connect with the local kids.

I loved how GBA provided community service opportunities for us to give back to the people that welcomed us to their fields. Collecting equipment prior to our trip and sharing it with the Dominican players was amazing. Isaias changed my view of life and I thank him for that.

Jake Buxton (player)

When I heard about the trip, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. Then I saw the planning, where we were staying and what we would be doing. At that point I new for sure that I was going on this trip.

The way it was organized was unbelievable and I can’t believe how well it went. I loved seeing people’s reactions when I got back like my grandparents and other friends. It was such a great feeling to do something like this and to give what I have to people who need it more than I do.

I will make sure to let people know what this program is and recommend it to them.

Sean Loder (player)

The opportunity I got to play baseball in the Dominican Republic was an experience I will never forget.

It amazed me to see how important baseball was to each player. No one playing there didn’t want to be there. Everybody who was playing enjoyed every moment and was serious about the game.

My team played against kids living in poverty, but their attitude and spirit overshadowed any economic differences. Driving through the countryside was also a great experience with green everywhere you look.

Isaias was extremely kind and was the perfect guy to host this trip because he cares about everybody he interacts with. Elvis, Timo and Pedro, our Dominican guides, were extremely welcoming. I got their numbers and still communicate with them.

Yoshi Omi-Jarrett (player)

The trip for me was everything that I had hoped for. It brought out the best in things that I experience in the world.

This trip made baseball fun again, made me realize why I love the game, and why I play.

During the season baseball can become sort a of chore: practice every day working on small details, no audience, hard work, and only focusing on winning. You don’t talk to the other team, you put your head down and you do your work. And if you make some mistakes, you could see the end of your playing time.

In this trip, we got to hang out with the hundreds of kids in the stands, meet and hear stories from kids on the other team, and overall just be out there for fun.

The goal was not to just win. If the ump made a bad call, we didn’t get in his face about it. If someone struck out, it was all about looking for the next opportunity. The games were just pure fun. Through this experience, I remembered the good times that come with this amazing game that I used to take for granted.

I also realized just how fortunate I am to have the most simple equipment that I often forget about. Small donations, like old baseballs or batting gloves meant so much to the kids receiving them. I thought back to the times when I lost some baseball equipment, whether it was just losing a baseball in the bushes or forgetting a glove on the field, and how easy it was for me to replace. In towns like Boca Chica or Santo Domingo, that simply isn’t reality. It just makes me appreciate everything I have, and inspires me to look for more opportunities to help out like that.

Now when I step onto a baseball field in the U.S, I will remember why I love to play. Thanks again for an amazing trip

Adam Tolson (player)

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to join the baseball trip to the Dominican Republic as a parent chaperone.

There was strong adult representation via coaches and the DR-based staff. In addition to being well organized; the kids safety, which some parents might be concerned about given their kids were traveling in a foreign country, was always a clear priority.

The DR baseball experience, including games with teams around the country and meeting former Major League players, was incredibly unique and fun. But this trip also provided an especially cool way to experience a new country by being able to interact with so many native Dominicans through baseball.

My son really valued the baseball part of it, but probably more so, he valued the cultural experience of seeing a country in a way that no tourist would, and going places tourists don’t go. Through meeting the Dominican kids he was also able to advance his Spanish, and he still communicates with kids he met there.

Thanks for an amazing experience that will truly be a lifelong highlight.

Steve Mcdougal (parent)

Global Baseball Adventures gave my son a life changing experience: the opportunity to visit a foreign country, experience a different culture, and participate in community service all while playing baseball. The trip of a lifetime!

Isaias Franco did an amazing job planning the trip and activities so that the players not only had fun, but developed their baseball skills by working with former MLB players and playing against local teams.

The accommodations and food were great and all of the coaches and staff were loved by the boys.

As a parent, I loved the communication before, during, and after the trip. Isaias always made himself available to any questions or concerns leading up to their departure. His daily detailed posts along with pictures made those not able to be there get to experience the trip as well. I highly recommend this trip to any baseball lover!!!

Anne Buxton (parent)

I wanted to follow up on Sean’s DR trip he took with you in June; what a complete success!

We were very happy with the organization, the planning, the amount of contact, and the content of the trip.

As a parent, I was a little worried about sending my son to another country for a week. I hadn’t done that before but Global Baseball Adventures had the planning and the details down to a science. You prepared for every possible question and every possible issue. The information packet was our guidebook for the weeks before the trip and during the trip.

While your focus is on baseball and community-building, it is clear that you were equally mindful of safety and security. You brought US based chaperones and coaches and we understand that you supplemented with local drivers, coaches and even condo complex security.

I highly recommend this trip to other families who want to send their son on a community baseball trip to the DR.

Global Baseball Adventures plans well, executes even better!

It’s been great talking to my son about his trip. He used his Spanish and saw other parts of the world (including Newark!). It’s been precious seeing him tell his grandfather all about it. A true gift

Kerry Shea (parent)

Our 14-year old son recently participated in a fantastic 8-day trip to the Dominican Republic with GBA founder Isaias Franco and his hand-picked crew of coaches, parents and professional contacts.

Isaias is incredibly well-organized and thoughtful. His advance work included setting up contingent medical support, visiting multiple accommodations to ensure the boys would have a safe and comfortable place to stay, and of course, arranging games with at least four different local teams.

Along the way the kids met and worked with professional ball players on major league fields and with teams from isolated rural areas. In some places the whole town showed up to cheer on the teams!

The trip was equally about baseball and good will. The kids donated equipment to each team they played with and were met with incredible generosity and kindness. Our son was deeply touched and inspired by the people he met each day.

I would recommend this trip to any serious baseball fan who wants to be part of a professional tour of Dominican baseball while getting to know the heart of the DR.

Joanna Omi (parent)

Isaias Franco and the other coaches with Global Baseball Adventures have put together something extraordinary.

Playing baseball in another country in and of itself is pretty special. But so much more than games, our son’s trip to the Dominican Republic was about sharing the love of the sport with kids in a culture far different than his own.

Every photo, every story was rich with finding commonalities and making language barriers non-existent.

While my son may have delivered gear to kids that don’t have the advantages he has, he’s come back with so much more than he ever gave.

Anne Elisco-Lemme (parent)

My son attended the Dominican Republic trip in June of 2017 with a group of boys from his Tam High Baseball team. The experience we had with Isaias was top notch all the way through.

From the planning of the trip with Isaias and meetings with the team and parents prior to the travel, to the travel/accommodations and baseball games but most specifically the experience of meeting the other players and the DR fans, we could not have been more pleased.

Isaias and his team were responsible and took all the necessary precautions with travel documents: informing parents of what was necessary for travel and offering parent meetings to answer questions.

My son had an amazing experience and the trip exceeded his expectations. Thanks to Isaias for providing these boys with an experience they’ll never forget.

Cherie Simpson (parent)

Coach Franco is an incredibly responsible leader and role model who taught my son important life lessons on a trip he’ll never forget.

The group was touched by the generosity and joyful culture of the Dominican people who cheered at their games, baked cakes, shared meals, and even gave them new jerseys and hats.

Although our group brought bags of baseball equipment to donate, they returned feeling that they received much more than they gave.

My son still can’t stop talking about the hundreds of kids he met at fields throughout the trip, and he was thrilled that he could converse with his new friends in Spanish!

Jan McDougal (parent)