Petaluma 360 article on our DR charity program

Petaluma 360 interviewed Isaias Franco of Global Baseball Adventures this week. They talked to him about the GBA Charity Program for the Dominican Republic. Special thanks to Petaluma 360 for spreading the good word of our quest to help the lives of young and underpriveleged youth in the Dominican Republic.

Here is an excerpt:

In return for the equipment, the people of La Piedra gave Franco gratitude, hospitality, smiles and a glimpse of their culture.

“The biggest thing that struck me is that everyone is a brother,” Franco said. “They may not be related by blood, but they are all brothers and sisters. At the end of every day, they all get together, talk and have fun. It doesn’t matter if a man is the mayor or a field worker, everyone gets together.

“It is something we seem to have lost.”

While the people find peace in their common bonds, they are bonds forged by poverty.

“They live in one-room huts and shacks with dirt floors. Six or seven people of different generations live in the same hut,” Franco said. “Every day, people will go through the champ where they pile their trash and look for anything they can find.”

Still, the people and the kids manage to find happiness, and one of their greatest joys is baseball.

To read the full article go here.

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